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Since the establishment of the Kin Kin Township in the early 1900’s, the local community has continually focused on working together to provide its young members with a quality education to empower future citizens. In December 1912, the community officially opened the doors of a township school in the School of Arts. On October 18, 1916 the community walked their children to begin their schooling years on the then new Kin Kin State School site. Throughout the years the united focus on what quality education looks, feels and sounds like has remained the same. In fact this vision is now appropriately represented in the school’s logo. The school, and its community, is one with the environment.
At Kin Kin State School we nurture citizens for today and tomorrow. Our mission is to be a high reliable school, a school that ensures that all students learn. Our practices stem from our values – understanding, co-operation and initiative. We believe all students can learn and all students should belong to a safe, caring and happy learning environment. We enact our beliefs and achieve our vision by treating others the way we want to be treated (understanding); always trying our best (initiative), and doing what is best for self, place and others (co operation).  This is how we manage to continually improve student achievement. Further, the united focus within our school and local community is what makes Kin Kin State School such a great school.
‘Karing Kids’ is our enacted curriculum that develops citizens for today and tomorrow. It is based on Education Queensland’s ‘Tomorrow Citizens’ framework designed to cater for the 21st century learner. The framework was developed with distinct descriptors for the five domains (eco, creative, healthy, informed and democratic) of such a citizen. Thus far, we have embedded the’ Karing Kids’ curriculum towards developing an award winning sustainability program.
‘Karing Kids’ has scaffolded the inclusion of programs and enhanced partnerships with organisations leading to providing our students with a real-life, connected and relevant learning environment. Joining the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation in 2010 has significantly influenced the current success of ‘Karing Kids’. We are an official partner of Noosa Biosphere, as well as having strong partnerships with CSIRO and Noosa Landcare and Waterwatch. We are also working towards becoming a ‘Kids Matter’ school - a school accepting of the diversity of all students which supports their health and well-being.  These programs and partnerships ensure our students learn within quality programs and from leading experts towards becoming citizens for today and tomorrow.
We have encountered many visitors from all ages, from different walks of life and from around the globe, that consistently convey – ‘what a great place to learn’.
Please download the Department's map of the North Coast Region (PDF, 2.0 MB) for further information about the location of Kin Kin State School within the region.
Last reviewed 09 January 2020
Last updated 09 January 2020